Today she had a five-year old moment

an eating the ends of grass moment 

the white sweet part

on the playground moment


long blades with fluff tops and roots

(but you don’t eat the roots, just the bottom)

you put it in your mouth

the same with young fresh blades

close your teeth and pull it through

later on you discover horsetails make great cigarettes

and plums roasted over a fire can make a lot of smoke

and smoke attracts boys

but more often than not

just your brother

but it’s the grass

I guess you know you can survive on that grass

you found it

you prepared it (husking off its’ dry outer layers)

and you ate it

it’s your first attempt 

your first success of self-preservation


and you realize

you are a pilgrim

you can discover islands

and plant corn with a single fish and watch it grow

and that there is more out for you today

and tomorrow

but mostly today

who knows what other berries







even bugs if necessary you will discover to make it all work

who knows what blanket soft and warm you will weave to protect yourself against cold nights and rain in the forest

A bow and arrow?

Sure, you can do that too

you can whittle a stick and do many things with the long pine- needles on the ground

you can even braid them like your hair

so that day when you eat grass for the first time 

the white sweet part

on the playground

maybe someone even shows you how

it doesn’t matter

you eat some and then you go swing on the swing set

because you know you can go back to it

because it is all around you