Olio nuovo, vino novello and some very old cheese…that was Saturday’s lunch. I saw this picture my husband shot of the aftermath and thought it wa worth posting. This past Saturday morning was like most Saturday mornings. Lots of running around trying to fill the house back up with food and diapers and all those little things we forgot during the week like lightbulbs and deodorant.

To make all the running around on medieval streets with two clunky strollers and two fussy kids worth it we make a point of always buying two extra treats for our own sanity: wine and cheese.

And we always buy it right under our house , and yes right under our apartment where the Fattoria san Michele a Torri has a small little outlet. It’s a little paradise for food lovers. There is hardly any assortment as they only sell their own products…but what there is is worth every penny. I usually pick up fresh pasta or their ravioli’s made with either fresh ricotta and spinach or potatoes. I know you are like what? Potatoes? Yes potatoes people…ravioli with potatoes are heavenly! They call them tortelli di patate mugellellani around these parts and are served usually with a wild boar rague. We are laso pretty addicted to the farm’s pecorino di grotta, an deep and flavourful pecorino cheese we like to dip in acacia honey after a meal..or before :-)).

Today we dipped in right before they were closing and picked up a kilo of thier homemade stone ground bread, 400 grams of ravioli with spinich, and a chunk of the pecorino di grota. The kind sir working there even threw in a bottle of their vino novelle. He almost oplogized when he gave it to me as if it was not that great of a wine but could be enjoyed if one drank it very quickly.

Well quickly we drank it indeed! It was slightly sparkling and went down like fruity water…perfect with the ravioli that I didn’t even have time to make a sauce for, perfect withthe aged cheese and honey, perfect for two tired parents who needed to  cope with the kids before nap time. It was a wonderul lunch and here is how we left it.