In case you didn’t know I am a bit of a Japanese scroll lover. I get it from my dad. He is one of my favorite living artists for sure… and I blame him entirely for my addiction. I am not sure when he first started collecting them. Maybe ten years ago but his house is now full of them. They lean like withered bamboo timbers in the corner of his small hut.  They fill boxes, they are under the bed, you find them hanging in the kithchen  in the summer months on his porch. And those are just the ones at HIS house. His good friend Sherry, who also shares his addict….ehhhmmm….I mean “passion”, has hundreds at her house as well.

Well I am not at that point yet. I only have four. But that doesn’t mean I’m not always on the look out for more.

Here are some up for auction listed by one of my favorite sellers on Ebay, keroro1967 .

a humbe winter tribute…in scrolls…

Japanese Scrolls Winter Theme

Japanese Scrolls Winter Theme

winter4 winter6 winter7 winter9 winter 2 winter 3 winter 8