I don’t get jealous that often but when it does happen it’s for a reason. Today I am jealous …way jealous…and just of myself!  I just picked up this wonderful bound book of the entire 1921 year of Scena Illustrata magazines.To say it is amazing is just not enough. Together there are over 12 magazines from the year bound together in a single book. All original and all in mint condition.  I  blame this latest purchase on my latest vintage crush. Ezio Anichini. He was the illustrator of many of the covers and illustrations…he was a genius… a true artist that to this day is hardly recognized or even known about. He was born in Florence in 1886 and his father, Giussepe was also an illustrator. He went to a few schools in Florence and studied Art including at the Accademia di Belle Arti where his sister Theresa also went to school.  In 1903 he was already collaborating for many Italian magazines including the Scena Illustrata. I believe he worked for them through the 1930s and passed in 1948 at the age of 62.

I live here in Florence and would like to do some more research for sure on Anichini and Scena Illustrata.

The magazine printed its last issue in 2003 and went solely on line. Check it out here…there is a wonderful gallery of cover images through the 1930s…really gets me drooling!

Enjoy this little taste of 1921!

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