Today the family went on a little vintage adventure…here..

vintage selection advert

Vintage Selection is a vintage clothing exhibition and sale held twice a year at the stazione Leopoldo in Florence. In case you are planning the next one will be in June.

My husband and son were pretty excited to go check out the vintage…can’t you tell ? ;-))!

IMG_9201-ed IMG_9199-ed IMG_9178-ed IMG_9179-ed IMG_9180-ed IMG_9181-ed IMG_9182-ed IMG_9187-ed IMG_9190-ed IMG_9193-ed IMG_9195-ed


I picked up a lovely handmade t shirt… a woman from Modena was making these . She hand prints them and uses images from the Tarot…this one is the card of Temperance. The fabric is a super soft light wool gauze…major cozy wozy…

IMG_9205-ed IMG_9208-ed IMG_9211-ed


And then of course a tacky blue face on the way home….love it…love a little tackiness in the afternoon…